We offer a full range of floor systems and services for new or rehab installations.

When we floor it, you get top performance.

Our services

With over 40 years of experience in the industrial flooring industry, we offer a unique, wide range of specialized services.

This includes, but is not limited to:


Cream Polishing

Salt and Pepper Polishing

Exposed Aggregate Polishing

Water Based Dye Staining

Solvent Based Dye Staining

Reactive Acid Staining




Thin Film Epoxy Coating

1/16" Epoxy - Decorative optional

1/8" Epoxy - Decorative optional

1/4" Trowel applied Epoxy Mortar

ESD/Conductive Epoxy

Thin Film Urethane Coating

Trowel applied Urethane Mortar

Metallic Epoxy Flooring


Steel Shot Blasting

Concrete Scarifying

Epoxy Bonding Agent

Concrete Grinding

1/4" Topping Removal

VCT Removal

Mastic Removal



Line Striping

Safety Markings


Customized Logos

Cove Base - Decorative optional




what we do

Here at Hoover Wells, we take pride in our work. Besides safety, nothing is more important than the floors we work on. Our employees are trained to provide quick, yet quality turn-around and short-lead times on large floors are our specialty. We work in commercial and industrial spaces alike, using whatever special equipment is needed.

We offer a full range of floor systems and services for new or rehab installations. Click the boxes below to learn more:


We offer a full range of floor systems and services for new or rehab installations.

Have an extreme environment, or a special surface requirement, or even a difficult leveling or surface preparation problem? Bring us your toughest floor challenge and we will tackle it. You can always count on a solution from Hoover Wells. Our experts will match high performance floor products and services perfectly to your needs. Consultation and estimations are free of charge - and we will help you write-up the specifications. We care so much about getting it done right, we make our own equipment and resins to finish the job quickly and correctly. The result? You get exactly what you are looking for in a timely fashion, so you can keep moving. When we floor it, you get top performance.

Safety is no accident

Safety is no accident. That’s our motto. We believe that a well-trained employee is not enough to make sure they stay safe. Since safety is key, we employ a full-time safety staff to monitor and train every employee. Our employees even wear testing meters that get sent to third-party labs, making sure the working environment is safe and no one is in danger.

We have training videos and tests that help bring our employees to the top of their game. This gives us the peace of mind that they are safe, but it gives you an even greater sense that your project will be done properly and up-to-code.

See our Recognition of Workplace Safety

Ease of Use

Superior quality Hoover Wells floors include a complete evaluation of, and careful preparation of, your substrate to assure proper bonding. The experience and efficiency of our crews and equipment keep downtime or business disruption to a minimum. We even use steel shot blast surface preparation exclusively. Plus, we design and build our own patented blast machines - to make our equipment just as reliable as our people. The result is an installation that goes as planned, and a beautiful floor system that always exceeds your expectations.

We are a full-service stop in the United States. No contracting out any jobs. No middle man to raise costs. Just a turn-key experience.


We offer the latest in concrete grinding, polishing, and staining systems. Hoover Wells utilizes the most up-to-date technology in densifiers and concrete hardening compounds. We combine this technology with state-of-the-art dry diamond planetary head polishing equipment to create a spectacular polished concrete flooring system. This finished concrete polished flooring system is attractive, durable, and easy to maintain.

We are the industry leader in resins, polishing, line striping, and commercial epoxy floor systems.

Our people, equipment, and resins make for short lead time resulting in a better experience.


Think we may not be big enough? Don’t be afraid to ask, we can handle it. Seriously, no matter how big, we have it covered.

We have covered 30,000 square foot floors in one week at 8-10 places across the country simultaneously. Our crews are professional in their fields.

But that’s just talking about the small stuff. If you have a half million square foot (500k sqft.) warehouse, that is where we truly shine.

curious if we can do the job?

No project is too big or too far. Let us show you we mean business!

Take a look at the details of our concrete polishing.