The Venues

Due to previously being a warehouse The Venues' floors were in rough shape. The concrete was littered with numerous cracks, holes, and scratches across their entirety. However that is where Hoover Wells excels. Within a few days the floors were fully repaired and polished.

The Venues polished concrete

The Miracle League of Nw Ohio

We are always eager to lend a hand to worthy causes within the community, and the Miracle League of Northwest Toledo is one of them. The building of their new concessions area was completed entirely with materials and hours donated from local suppliers, businesses, and contractors. 

Helping Communities Cover COVID-19

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic we were searching for ways to help the community stay safe. So we did what we do best, and installed a clean and secure floor system in a short timeframe. Specifically in facilities looking to produce ventilators and hand sanitizer.

Local 671

We are always happy to work with our union partners and this job was no different. With the old floor featuring unlevel pours and steel imbeds the job was not going to be simple, but nothing we cannot handle. After we were done the concrete had been repaired and given a protective coat of Rez-Stone #9412.


Sometimes there is an existing epoxy flooring system that needs replaced, such as was the case for the City of Maumee. Thankfully, that is something we are able to take care of. Using our custom designed and built equipment we were able to remove the old epoxy layer and apply a fresh beautiful coat. 


Our work is not limited to just the local area, we have sent teams to South Korea before, and for this job our crew was in the Dominican Republic. Even when far outside our home state our team works quickly and efficiently to get suitable flooring systems in place for your needs.

Toledo Museum of Art

We can work within whatever requirements you need. The Toledo Museum of Art wanted a visually distinct floor system that fit within their budget, additionally it needed to be installed around their existing art fixtures. Thankfully we were able to make all that happen.

Photo courtesy of joevare - Glass Pavilion 02 through CC BY-ND 2.0